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3 Reasons to Have a Power of Attorney

Posted on February 3rd, 2020 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

When the time comes to prepare an estate plan, it may prove a perfect opportunity to take care of other difficult decisions. Since you will lay out the path you wish your assets and possessions take after your death, you may also want to decide how you want things handled before you die. Ensuring that your wishes for how you want your medical care and money managed towards the end of your life should take priority in the planning process. Here are three reasons why you should have these decisions in place before they are needed.

  1. You Get to Choose Your Voice

Making end-of-life choices now allows you to appoint the person or people to act on your behalf. Some people in your life may not want to follow through with your wishes in the heat of the moment. For example, an adult child may not want to go along with your desire to end life-saving measures if your condition will not improve. As such, they may direct doctors to keep you alive by artificial means. In a situation like this, you need a person who will follow the path you set out in your estate documents. Take the time to consider who would best fulfill this role.

  1. Your Medical Care Will Benefit

When your medical condition deteriorates due to a sudden event or a drawn-out illness, doctors and care providers cannot ask you permission for treatment. A medical power of attorney document allows medical providers to handle your care easier and with less waiting time. While emergency interventions may not need permission, ongoing treatment usually requires someone to approve them. In the times when you cannot make decisions, having a power of attorney helps medical facilities act quicker, which may speed up the treatment.

  1. You Help Your Loved Ones

If you have no directive in writing, your family may find themselves struggling over how to deal with your medical needs. They may not know what you wanted in this type of critical care situation. The pressure to make the right choice may make even the most level-headed person anxious and stressed. Having a healthcare directive and power of attorney alleviates this strain. It is something that will help them get through this emotionally charged time easier, even if they do not agree with your wishes. As long as they know they came from you, they will at least respect them.

There are times when you may become incapacitated or medically unable to make decisions for yourself. Having a medical directive with a power of attorney prepared will help you and your family transition. Contact an estate planning lawyer, like an estate planning lawyer in Memphis, TN, to get started today.

Thanks to Patterson Bray , for their insight into why having a power of attorney, is important. 

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