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Divorce Appeals Lawyer New York, NY

Divorce Appeals Lawyer New York, NYOddo & Babat, a divorce appeals lawyer from New York, NY is aware of how taxing a divorce can be. For decades our firm has been striving to provide five-star legal advocacy to men and women who are going through a divorce. We believe that our client’s rights come first and will work hard to ensure their needs are met to the best of our ability. When looking for a divorce lawyer in New York, NY, you will want to be sure to acquire an experienced lawyer to proceed with your case. Turning to, Oddo & Babat, can help you to initiate divorce proceedings and help reach a resolution to your divorce in a timely manner.

A New York, NY Divorce Appeals Lawyer on Your Side

A divorce can be extremely stressful. Over the years, laws regarding divorce have made for a more simplified process. However, a New York, NY divorce appeals lawyer can attest to the fact that divorce can still be a cumbersome and complicated process. This is true even for uncontested divorces. As a result, it can expected that some complications may arise. If any of the following factors are applicable to your case, you should ask a divorce appeals lawyers from New York, NY to help you:

  • There are children involved
  • There are children and one of you will be moving far away or out of state
  • You have acquired property during the marriage (this is not limited to real estate)
  • One of you stayed at home as the primary caregiver
  • Spousal support is being sought
  • You have been married for a long time

Although it is certainly possible that these factors may not apply to you, you may still find that a divorce takes several months of litigation. Realistically you don’t want to go at this alone. If your spouse has already hired a divorce attorney, you should certainly move forward with a New York, NY divorce appeals lawyer.

The Importance of a New York Divorce Appeals Lawyer

Many people have misconceptions of divorce, and the associated procedures. There is more to the process than filing paperwork with the court. If you do happen to misunderstand any of the process, you could experience significant financial losses, irreparable harm to the situation, a waiver of your rights, and (in rare cases), the filing of criminal charges against you. There are a number of factors outlined by a divorce appeals lawyer from New York, NY that you may have not even been considered:

  • Filing for divorce doesn’t mean you are actually divorced
  • Your divorce must be ordered by the court
  • You cannot take property or assets because you want them or believe they are yours
  • Child custody or parenting time will be awarded based upon the best interests of the child, not what you think is right

Before you try to handle a divorce on your own, it is recommended that you consult with a New York, NY divorce appeals lawyer to explore your rights and legal options.

If you are concerned about spousal support, child support, assets, modifications or other divorce factors, call , Oddo & Babat, a divorce appeals lawyer in New York, NY as soon as possible.

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