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Nursing Home Lawyer New York, New York

Nursing Home Lawyer New York, NY

Abuse and Neglect

Nursing Home Lawyer New York NYIf you have a family member living in a nursing home and they are experiencing abuse or negligence, it is highly advisable that you contact a nursing home lawyer New York, NY provides as soon as possible. In some instances, these cases can be very dangerous and can quickly lead to mistrust and lack of security in those who are supposed to be caring for your loved ones. Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities have a low number of qualified nurses to look after the residents, which can result in a hazardous situation for the sick and the elderly.

When your loved one has been abused or neglected in an assisted care home, you should consult with a nursing home lawyer for further advice. Elderly people deserve the utmost respect, but unfortunately, millions of these men and women do not receive it. Across the U.S., nursing homes are being caught for abusing or neglecting their residents.

This cannot happen any longer which is why the lawyers at | Oddo & Babat, will fight tooth and nail to get justice for elderly people who have been abused and might feel like they don’t have a voice. We WILL listen and let you know whether or not you have a valid claim. Rest assured, we settle only for maximum compensation and while this cannot reverse time, it may help your elderly loved one to live out their final years in peace and comfort. To schedule a consultation with a New York, NY nursing home lawyer, please call our firm.

You may want to file a case against a nursing home to recoup the damages for your loved ones. A nursing home lawyer in New York, NY can be a great tool for legal help and can guide you toward protection of your legal rights against the nursing home where your loved one is experiencing abuse or negligence. In many cases, inexperienced and unqualified nurses are kept by nursing homes so to reduce costs and increase profits. These inadequately trained nurses can make major mistakes, resulting in malnourishment, dehydration, bed sores, contractures, bruises, falls, and other accidents.

You can find a New York nursing home lawyer who will advocate for you, give you legal guidance, and proper support. Our lawyers are equipped and prepared to take your case on.

Identifying Nursing Home Abuse

It is not always easy to identify nursing home abuse. In fact, it usually goes on for a long period of time before it is identified. Sometimes there is a lack of a concrete evidence, but enough for a nursing home lawyer in New York, NY to investigate the situation in further detail. Even if you are not sure about whether or not abuse is taking place, you can call our firm to discuss what to do next. In the meantime, the following lists common examples of abuse and their basic signs.

Physical Signs of Abuse

  • Bruising, cuts, or scratches
  • Burns
  • New scars
  • Bite marks
  • Restraint marks
  • Internal injuries
  • Hair or tooth loss
  • Broken bones, sprains, or fractures

Emotional or Mental Abuse Signs

  • Isolation from friends or family members
  • Crying or outbursts of anger
  • Ceasing any communication
  • Fear of talking

 Sexual Abuse Signs

  • Vaginal or anal bleeding
  • Development of a genital infection or STD
  • Bloody undergarments
  • Bruised breasts or genitals

Financial Exploitation Signs

  • Missing personal belongings
  • Missing money or social security income
  • Forged checks
  • Unauthorized bank withdrawals or transfers

Other Signs

  • Overdosing on medications
  • Missing medications
  • Unhygienic living areas
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration

When it comes to nursing home abuse, there are often many issues going on. Often, multiple staff or other residents will be aware of the situation but are too scared to disclose it to an appropriate person. A nursing home lawyer can review CCTV footage, medical records, photographic evidence, witness statements, nursing home logs, and more to determine the severity of the abuse. The findings can then help to determine a realistic value of what your claim is worth.

If you ever find the above-mentioned signs in your loved ones, they may be experiencing abuse by employees of the nursing home. It may be in your best interest to discuss the situation with a nursing home lawyer New York, NY trusts. Because of the vast experience our lawyers possess, you can have confidence in their handling of your case with compassion, diligence, and care.

These cases can be very stressful, as finding and collecting evidence can play a vital role in filing the case. Negligence is often hard to prove. It can take a good amount of evidence to prove negligence. Due to these difficulties, you may have to hire the type of nursing home Negligence lawyer New York, NY residents deserve to handle your case.

We understand that you and your loved ones may be experiencing physical, emotional, mental, or financial abuse and that can be overwhelmingly stressful. The kind of nursing home lawyer New York, NY residents should look for may be able to help you with your case and recoup the damages and hardships you or your loved ones have suffered. The amount received could compensate you or a loved one for one or any of the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Financial losses
  • Wrongful death
  • Punitive damages

In general, the worse the abuse is, the higher the compensation will usually be. A nursing home lawyer can discuss this with you during a free consultation.

Calling a New York, NY Nursing Home Lawyer

You might feel scared about seeking legal representation, especially if your loved one is still being cared for in the nursing home you are accusing of abuse. This is an understandable concern but should not stop you from taking action. Our firm may be able to help you with relocating your loved one to a safe place while we handle the situation. To learn more, please call a nursing home lawyer New York, NY families recommend.

You can contact | Oddo & Babat, to speak with the type of nursing home lawyer New York, NY is proud to have representing its residents and schedule your free consultation today.

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