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Criminal Defense Lawyers in New York, NYIf someone you care about been charged with a felony, misdemeanor or other violation or charge, you need experienced legal representation. Our law firm of experienced criminal defense lawyers New York trusts includes a former Assistant District Attorney and we understand the criminal laws in New York. For Legal Advice regarding a criminal matter, Contact us or call us at 212-642-0950 today.

Assault / Battery

  • Assault is an intentional, unlawful threat or “offer” to cause bodily injury to another by force, which creates in the other person a well-founded fear of imminent peril. An assault can be charged even if there is no actual contact with the victim, and even if the defendant had no actual ability to carry out the apparent threat.
  • Battery is the willful or intentional touching of a person against that person’s will by another person, or by an object or substance put in motion by that other person. Offensive touching can constitute a battery even if it does not cause injury, and could not reasonably be expected to cause injury.

DWI / DUI – Drunk Driving

The penalties for DWI and DUI can be severe in New York State, which is why it is recommended that you find a criminal defense lawyer New York NY residents trust. In addition to facing suspension or loss of your driver’s license, you may also face a large fine, possible loss of your motor vehicle and/or imprisonment.
False Arrest
Including Police Brutality, Illegal Search and False Imprisonment

  • False Arrest is an illegal detention of a person without clear evidence or reason. Most often, false arrest cases involve the detention of a person in some business or other retail environment by a business employee, security guard, or someone who is falsely pretending to be a police officer.
  • False Arrest by a Police Officer can also occur under a different set of circumstances. False arrests by law enforcement include a lack of probable cause, no warrant, detention of the wrong person and unnecessary search and seizure.
  • Police Brutality can occur when Police use unreasonable and unnecessary use of hands, chemical agents, baton or other impact weapon, canine, gun or other excessive force to detain an individual.

Identity Theft and Fraud
New York State and federal law enforcement authorities take the theft of personal information, misrepresentation and related crimes very seriously. If you are charged with fraud, you face the possibility of prison time if you are alleged to have committed any of the following:

  • Forgery
  • Tax fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Fake green cards and fake drivers’ licenses
  • Writing bad checks
  • Unemployment fraud (working while you receive unemployment)
  • Welfare fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Prescription fraud (and other drug crimes)

Illegal Drugs
Possession of a Controlled Substance:
New York State and the Federal Government have strict laws against the possession, manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs and the abuse of prescription drugs. In fact recent reports show that up to 1/3 of all arrests are for illegal drugs. The laws are very severe and can be complicated.
Theft / Burglary

  • Theft is taking almost anything of value without the consent of the owner, with the intent to permanently deprive him or her of the value of the property taken. New York recognizes degrees of theft, such as “grand” or “petty,” which usually relate to the value of the property taken.
  • Burglary is the unlawful entry into any home or business with the intent to commit a crime. Unlike robbery, no physical breaking and entering is required.

White Collar Crime
White collar crimes charges can be complex. A skilled criminal defense lawyer New York NY trusts knows the law, police procedures and the proven legal strategies for success in negotiation or in court.
White collar crimes can include:

  • Antitrust Violations:
    These may include price fixing, monopolies and other infractions of the Sherman Act as well as the Clayton Act.
  • Bank Fraud:
    Fraud against a banking institution, including check fraud, commercial loan fraud, check kiting, and mortgage fraud
  • Bankruptcy Fraud:
    Individuals or corporations who lie to creditors or bankruptcy officials about assets or debts.
  • Bribery:
    Offering money or property with the intention of influencing the behavior of others.
  • Computer/Internet Fraud:
    Using the Internet or computers to defraud others.
  • Credit Card Fraud:
    Using someone else’s credit card to purchase goods illegally.
  • Counterfeiting:
    Copying goods, money or passing off the copies as genuine.
  • Economic Espionage:
    Stealing, misusing trade secrets.
  • Embezzlement:
    Using money or goods entrusted to you for your own benefit.
  • Extortion:
    Taking money from someone through force, coercion or threats.
  • Forgery:
    Manipulating, changing a written document for monetary gain.
  • Insurance Fraud:
    Defrauding insurance companies when a person exaggerates, fabricates claims.
  • Money Laundering:
    Running money obtained illegally through a legitimate business.
  • Securities Fraud:
    May include insider trading and theft through market manipulation.
  • Tax Evasion:
    Filing inaccurate IRS returns, not reporting income on tax returns, not filing tax returns.

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