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Car Accident Lawyer New York, NY

I was just injured in a Car Crash. Now what?

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Car Accident Lawyer New York, NY

A car accident lawyer in New York, NY knows you may be a very attentive driver. You use your blinker, adhere to the speed limits, and never drive while texting. Despite your caution, you might still have an accident with another driver who is not as mindful. As a result, your injuries could be substantial enough to need a car accident lawyer in New York, NY to recover your damages from the other driver. Though you may need to recover damages for your vehicle, your health and medical bills from the accident will be your first priority.

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Motor vehicle crash injuries can have lifelong health consequences. Making sure that you seek proper medical attention promptly after a crash should be your first concern. Then you should seek legal representation immediately. You may think that the insurance company is working to help you. That couldn’t be further from the truth. They start working immediately after an accident to undermine your ability to recover for the harm that you have suffered. It is critical to preserve all evidence after the crash as it can be lost in days and sometimes as quickly as a few hours. The experienced car accident attorneys at Oddo & Babat can ensure that all of the evidence is properly preserved in a timely manner.

An insurance company may contact you and ask you to give them a recorded statement. Be aware that any information you give them can be used against you in your case or may not be accurate or complete, since you most likely will not be aware of the extent of your injuries at the time. You should never communicate with an insurance company without your lawyer.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision, and the accident was not your fault, you are entitled to be compensated for your losses which may include: past and future lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, future medical costs including treatment and surgery, past and future pain and suffering. In order for you to fully recover for your losses, you need experienced, aggressive and caring attorneys. Call Oddo & Babat at 212-642-0950 for legal representation you can trust and count on to get you the recovery you’re entitled to.

When You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in New York, NY

Oddo & Babat offers a free consultation to victims who have been injured in a motor vehicle collision. With years of experience and a unique results-proven approach to obtaining justice for injured car crash victims, we confidently navigate the legal system to get the justice our clients deserve.

The Advantages of a New York Car Accident Lawyer

Anyone can file a legal claim against an insurance company; however, without any legal knowledge, you risk losing your case or getting significantly less than what you may deserve. If you’re unsure about filing a claim or don’t understand the benefits of a car accident lawyer in New York, NY, please consider the following:

There are time limits: A car accident claim, or any other claim for that matter, will have to adhere to a strict deadline to pursue compensation. This deadline is known as the statute of limitations. If you miss this date, you may give up the right to seek damages forever. Ultimately, the sooner you contact a car accident lawyer New York, NY offers, the better.

A lawyer is familiar with the legal system: Car accident claims may require you to file a police report or make other formal notices. Should this process be ignored, disruption and delays might ensue. A car accident lawyer New York, NY trusts understand the legalities, local jurisdiction laws, rules, loopholes, and other formalities associated with collisions. Using this skill set, a lawyer may build a solid, evidence-backed claim to get you maximum damages.

A lawyer may take care of all relevant communications: Shortly after a collision, the insurance carriers of any party involved in the crash may try to contact you for a statement and/or settlement offer. You may also have to communicate with medical professionals, bill collectors, claims adjusters, and repair services while trying to recover. A lawyer might help to manage all communications with these individuals and protect you from being caught off guard and saying something you do not mean.

Evidence might be established: Oddo & Babat is prepared to conduct extensive research and gathering of evidence to prove a claim. Expert witnesses, private investigators, or medical doctors may be called upon to provide a second opinion on the cause of the collision and extent of the victim’s injuries.

You can get the support you’re looking for: A car accident lawyer New York, NY provides may offer more than basic legal counsel. A skilled lawyer may offer thoughtful support to help you and your family get through this turbulent time.

Brain Injuries That Result From Car Accidents

There are approximately 50 million victims of car crashes every year. One of the most devastating vehicle accident injuries is a brain injury. Depending on the extent of their injury, victim often face long recovery periods, with high medical bills and lost wages and benefits from being unable to work. When this is the case, you need the help of insurance to cover your bills.

Even Minor Brain Injuries Can Be Dangerous

A car accident lawyer in New York, NY knows that many brain injury victims do not even realize they have sustained an injury because the crash was a minor one. They do not realize when a person bumps their head upon the impact of the collision, they are not just hurting their skull, but they are also causing damage to their brain. Even a crash that occurs at slow-speed can cause brain injuries. Concussions are one of the most common types of vehicle accident brain injuries.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to determine if there has been injury to the brain after a crash just by a doctor’s examination. It is the symptoms of the injury which is the first indicator that there is something wrong. Special diagnostic testing, such as CAT scans and MRIs, will be able to determine the extent of the injury.

Three Classifications

There are three classifications of brain injuries: mild, moderate, and severe. Serious brain injuries can leave victims suffering with life-long effects of the injury, including chronic headaches, motor function issues, sensitivity to light, severe dizziness, and changes in personality and emotional reactions.

In addition to the physical long-term effects that a brain injury can cause, multiple studies have shown that even a minor car crash can result in long-term mental issues for a brain injury victim. In fact, it is estimated that up to one-third of all car crash victims, including brain injured victims, suffer from anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the accident.

This is true even for victims who only sustained minor physical injuries. Many end up struggling with vehicle-related phobias or long-term depression that has a major impact on their quality of life. This is in addition to the physical issues they may still be struggling with from their injuries.

When the car accident was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another driver, injured victims should consult with a New York car accident lawyer from Oddo & Babat, P.C. to find out what type of legal recourse they may have against the at-fault driver. Call today to meet with a member of our legal team and find out how we can help you get the financial justice you deserve. 

Could a Pre-Existing Condition Affect My Claim?

Following a car accident, the insurance company for the alleged at-fault party will begin to investigate and process the claim. This process can be in-depth and involve looking into your medical records to identify previous injuries. If they find something that could be linked to your current injuries, they might argue a pre-existing condition caused, or worsened,  the current injury. In the event you are facing a situation like this, you should consult a car accident lawyer in New York, NY right away. Doing so could prevent complications, or even a denial of claim. 

Just because you might have a pre-existing condition that is similar to the injuries sustained in an accident, or perhaps even worsened your current injuries, does not mean the at-fault party can escape liability. You could, however, be required to jump through hoops and go through extraordinary measures to defend your case. A good lawyer will be familiar with this scenario, and understands how to navigate it with ease. 

With the right law firm on your side, your medical records can be reviewed, and any medical expert witnesses can be called upon. These parties may be able to prove your injury was healed at the time of the accident. If it was not healed, additional defense strategies may need to be utilized. 

The insurance company makes money by limiting, albeit minimizing, payouts on claims. Whenever they spot an opportunity to pay less than what they should, you can expect them to take advantage of it. Sadly, pre-existing injuries or conditions are one of the best ways to argue their way out of compensation. Challenging them on your own cannot be advised. No matter what the circumstances might be, you should rely on a car accident lawyer in New York, NY for guidance and advice. 

Using Social Media

Social media platforms act as an outlet to discuss events, vent emotions or feelings, and stay in contact with friends and family. As tempting as it may be to talk about what happened, or get the opinion of others, on social media, you should avoid doing so. 

Social media is a go to place for insurance investigators. They don’t need to be a friend or follower to check in with what you are doing or saying. There are known instances of investigators unscrupulously befriending a plaintiffs’ social media friend. Or, some posts are not private at all. Remember anything can be used against you. Even if your intentions were in the right place, an insurance company can manipulate words or events. For example, if you posted a picture of you at a park, with a tennis court behind you, and you are not supposed to be doing any activity, your case may be challenged. It might be that you were only there to watch your child play tennis, but in the eyes of an insurance company, your excuse might not matter. The point is that you should take a break from social media until your case is finalized. 

When You Need a Car Accident Lawyer New York, NY Respects

The pain and suffering associated with a collision could be devastating. You may experience physical discomfort, emotional anguish, financial loss, and other grievances that affect your life. Oddo & Babat is on your side and one of our attorneys may walk you through your legal options during a free and confidential consultation. To schedule a meeting with a car accident lawyer New York, NY has to offer, please call us today

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