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Auto Accident Lawyer New York, NY

Auto Accident Lawyer New York, NY

When you are the victim in an auto accident, you need the help of an auto accident lawyer New York, NY from, Oddo & Babat, Anyone who has ever been in a serious car accident can probably attest to just how stressful they can be. A person may be innocently driving on their way to work or running errands, when they were struck by another driver who was behaving recklessly. You can often see drivers violating the laws of the road by speeding, running red lights, or rapidly swerving in and out of traffic. It is imperative that victims of car accidents obtain legal assistance after being in a car accident.

Our New York, NY auto accident lawyer can help you overcome losses and damages through taking legal action. If your or anyone you know has been in a terrible car accident, we encourage you to reach out to us right away for help.

What to Expect During a Consultation

If you have never met with a legal professional before, you may not be sure what to expect. Your first appointment is likely going to entail going over how the accident occurred and at what stage you are at in handling the incident. A New York, NY auto accident lawyer may ask for various types of documentation, including medical exams, car damage estimates, loss of wage from missing work, photographs, witness contacts, the other driver’s information, and the police report.

It is recommended that victims of car wrecks seek legal counsel from the very beginning, so their rights can be protected as soon as possible. Not all representatives and parties involved in the collision are going to be fair and compassionate.

Road Bumps that May Arise

The legalities associated with auto accidents can be anything but simple, and there may be several sneaky road bumps that come up. For example, as your car accident claim is being processed, you may receive phone calls from various people regarding what happened. You may be asked by insurance adjusters to submit a verbal or written statement about the accident.

It is essential that you check in with your New York, NY auto accident lawyer before signing anything or submitting a statement. An insurance adjuster probably already knows everything about the accident, but may be calling as a way to get you to say something that can hurt your claim. During this time we suggest saying as little as possible, and refrain from posting anything on social media too.

Legal Representation

The average person may not fully understand the ins and out of the legal system. Without help from an attorney, victims of car accidents may be unknowingly hindering their chances of receiving a fair settlement. While hiring an attorney is not required, it can help protect you from facing even further financial loss and frustration.

Contact us to schedule your first free appointment today. Please know that we are here to be of support, and you do not have to deal with the aftermath of a tragic accident alone. It can be difficult enough to balance life responsibilities, and now you must handle a huge setback on top of all that. Schedule your appointment with an auto accident lawyer New York, NY residents trust from , Oddo & Babat, now.

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