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Childhood Sexual Abuse Lawyer New York, NY

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Wrongful Death Lawyer New York, NYA person who sexually abuses a child under the age of 18, can be punished in different ways in the courts. They can be charged with a crime and criminal charges may lead to jail or prison. Or, a civil case may be brought where the victim sues the abuser for money to make up for any harm caused by the sexual abuse.

The effects of childhood sexual abuse can be long lasting and devastating for its victims. Sometimes the predator can be a family member, teacher, clergy member or someone else in a position of power and authority.

There are laws that dictate how long after the abuse, a court case can be started based on those events. These laws are called Statutes of Limitations. Recently, New York State enacted the Child Victims Act, which extends the Statute of Limitations and gives child sex abuse victims more time to seek justice against their abusers. To learn more about these laws contact our Childhood Sexual Abuse Lawyer in New York, NY.

Civil cases

People who were sexually abused as children (under 18) can start a civil case against their abuser or a liable third party, like a church or school. A civil case can be started even if the abuse happened decades ago, however, it is CRITICAL to know that the Child Victims Act provides that for one year, between August 14, 2019 – August 13, 2020, a child sex abuse victim can start a civil case:

  • No matter how old you are
  • No matter how long ago the abuse took place
  • Even if the claim was too late under the old statute of limitations
  • Even if you sued the abuser before and the case was dismissed because you waited too long
  • Even if a Notice of Claim was never filed
  • Whether you are suing the abuser or organizations or persons that should have done something to stop or prevent the abuse from happening (like a school, an employer, or a place of worship)

Because this window is for only one-year, it is imperative that you see a child sex abuse attorney immediately if you were a victim of abuse.

At Oddo & Babat we are committed to holding these perpetrators accountable for their actions, regardless of when the crime occurred, and securing full compensation for the victims.

February 2, 2020

Staten Island man, 72, files Child Victims Act suit over alleged 1960s abuse by Poly Prep teachers

For Brooklyn Poly Prep County Day School alum Richard Rubin, the typical 3 Rs of education came with a fourth: Rape. Rubin, now a genteel 72-year-old Staten Island resident, alleges in a newly-filed Child Victims Act lawsuit that he was sexually abused on a weekly basis between 1960-65 by a cabal of five predatory teachers at the prestigious school. Rubin was even taken to the apartment of the most aggressive instructor for one-on-one assaults, according to court papers.

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August 31, 2019

St. Francis Prep alums detail decades of alleged sexual abuse at prestigious Queens school after Child Victims Act opens doors for lawsuits

For the first time in 42 years, a retired city firefighter long devastated by his prestigious Catholic prep school principal’s alleged sexual abuse feels something other than despair. It’s hope. The former FDNY first responder, one of six St. Francis Preparatory School alumni to file August court papers under the Child Victims Act, is suddenly optimistic that a life of endless shame and horrific flashbacks can somehow get better.

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