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4 Reasons Hiring an Attorney is the Right Move

Posted on October 4th, 2017 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.


A public defender seems like a more financially viable option for those worried about the cost of an attorney. It is true that you will be supplied a public defender by the state, but that does not mean it is your best option for defense. Here are a few reasons why hiring a private attorney, while more expensive, is the right move in your case.


  1. Time

Public defenders typically try to push cases through expediently because they don’t get paid very well for their services. Since they aren’t paid by the hour, public defender don’t spend too much time on each client– in order to make a decent living, they have to move on to the next case. This can lead to the public defender strongly encouraging a plea deal very quickly into the case and they typically don’t have the clout to negotiate favorable terms for you. A private attorney will take time to spend with your case and also focus on your unique needs.


  1. Advice and Instructions

Depending on the crime you are being tried for, there can be certain steps you can take to receive a lighter sentence. For example, if you enter rehab while being tried for a substance abuse charge, a judge could find this favorable and reduce or suspend your sentence. Because a public defender prefers to move cases along, they might neglect to provide you with this type of insight. A private attorney is more able to provide you with advice and instruction because they are getting paid to handle YOUR case. A public defender may also forget to tell you that your behavior will be monitored closely before and during the trial and may affect your outcome. A private attorney can offer advice and work closely with you during the process.


  1. Better Defense Strategy

A private attorney is much more skilled and experienced in handling the prosecution. They are well-versed in dissecting the arguments of a prosecutor–and public defenders generally don’t have the experience (or the time) to focus on battling those arguments. In the discovery period, both sides are digging for any reasonable evidence to prove their case, it is a crucial stage in the process. This could be the sharp difference between an acquittal and a conviction.


  1. Leverage

Having an attorney rather than an assigned public defender even affects the prosecutors! They expect a more challenging case if they are dealing with a private attorney. It is even possible that your private defender could point out extreme errors in the prosecution’s arguments which could result in dropped charges.  Instead of facing a plea bargain, as 90-95 percent of cases do, hiring a private attorney will give you more leverage to negotiate.


Be Prepared

Being underprepared can lead to problems with anxiety. Hiring a private attorney ensure that you are prepared, well-represented, and know what to expect. Thankfully an experienced attorney can help keep you updated on an overwhelming process. They can also help decipher confusing legal jargon used during the case or hearing outcomes.

Although an inevitably stressful situation, that stress caused by a potential conviction can be lightened by ensuring you have the best chance at winning your case. Be proactive in your future. Contact a personal attorney such as the criminal attorney Fairfax VA locals trust today to ease your stress.

Albo & Oblon Attorney and counselors at lawThanks to authors at Albo Oblon LLP for their insight into Criminal Defense Law.

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