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Adoption Lawyer, New York, NYOur New York, NY adoption lawyers is well aware that, making the decision to adopt a child is probably not something that an individual or couple stumbles upon without giving the idea much thought. Adopting another human as your very own can be an emotional yet complicated process. Those who are considering adopting a child should take plenty of time to weigh the pros and cons with a New York, NY adoption lawyer before following through with an adoption. Many parents consult with lawyers at, Oddo, & Babat, for help completing what may seem like an endless pile of applications and paperwork. Our adoption lawyer serving New York, New York has worked with clients looking to adopt and may have tips to share about what to expect and how to prepare for the joyous yet tireless experience to come. 

#1 Maintain Patience and Perseverance

The adoption process can be lengthy and complicated, whether you are planning to adopt internationally or domestically. In addition to the emotional aspect of adoption, there are legal considerations and more than enough paperwork to file. One day it may seem as though things are going along smoothly, and then you may experience a setback due to a court decision or application error. By having a New York, NY adoption lawyer look over paperwork and represent you, it can help decrease the chances of a road bump occurring. 

#2 Keep Your Finances in Order

Depending on where and with what organization you work with, the cost can range from nearly nothing to several thousand dollars to adopt a child. Inquiring through a foster care agency can cost less, and the organization may be able to provide mental and medical healthcare for the child after adoption. Parents who are unsure whether they can afford to make such a big decision, may turn to a New York, NY adoption lawyer who is knowledgeable in adoption cases. Maintain an organized file of your finances, so you can easily share this information with your adoption lawyer serving New York, NY during the financial consultation. 

#3 Consider Foster-to-Adopt

Parents who worry they don’t have the funds to adopt, can consider adding a new family member through a foster-to-adopt scenario. Parents who adopt from foster care usually work with a state, county, or public child welfare organization. Since foster care is commonly funded by the state government, there may be almost no fees during the adoption process. While there may not be thousands of dollars to pay when adopting, there are still going to be contracts and agreements to sign. Before finalizing an adoption, it is recommended that parents have these documents reviewed by their adoption lawyer located in New York, NY to ensure their rights and the child’s future are protected.

#4 Understand Domestic and International Adoption

To help narrow down where and what organization you want to adopt from, it is important to understand the difference between international and domestic options. With domestic adoptions, parents are adopting within the United States borders. Then on the contrary, international adoptions are when parents are interested in adopting a child from another country. Adoptions through an agency in America is likely to be a faster process. Our New York, NY adoption lawyer can go over with potential parents the cost differences between domestic and international adoptions. This allows them to make the best decision based on what is within their financial capacities. 

For help with the adoption process, contact our family lawyer serving New York, NY at , Oddo, & Babat,

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