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Boating Under the Influence

Boating Accidents Lawyer New York, NYA boating accidents lawyer New York, NY residents trust knows that despite all of the
many advertisements, articles, and lectures discouraging drivers from drinking and driving, people still do it.

From a young age, most people are educated about the dangers of drinking and driving. It is almost second nature to many people to recite slogans and statistics about drunk driving. And when it comes to drinking while operating boats, the laws are equally as strict.

People view boating as a reason to spend time on the water with friends and family and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately because of this, drinking while operating a boat has become a significant problem. If you or your family has been injured in a drunk boating accident, a NYC boating accidents lawyer from, Oddo & Babat can help you fight to obtain compensation for your pain and suffering. Our personal injury lawyers have over 30 years of experience and a history of success in handling boating accident lawsuits.

How Is a BUI defined?

The boat operator is considered legally drunk when their blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 grams or more. However, because there are many factors that can affect their ability to drive a boat when sober, they could receive a BUI even if their BAC is less than the 0.08 grams.

A boating accidents lawyer in New York, NY can explain that another reason they could be charged with a BUI with a less than 0.08 gram BAC is the sun and being on the water can make lower levels of alcohol more pronounced. If a boat operator is stopped for any reason and alcohol is considered to be a factor at all, the driver can be charged with a BUI. If charged with a BUI, the offender could face criminal charges.

A boating accidents lawyer New York, NY clients call knows that a boater can be held responsible for an accident in which they were drinking, if any of the following events occurred:

  • The boat operator had any amount of alcohol in their system during the time of the accident.
  • The driver was under 21 years old and had a blood alcohol content higher than 0.00 grams.
  • The driver drank alcohol within three hours of the accident.
  • The boat operator had a partially-drunk or open container of alcohol within their reach during the accident.

The United States Coast Guard has stated that boating under the influence is actually more dangerous than driving under the influence. This is because boat drivers deal with multiple elements, i.e. sun, wind, and motion, that affects their judgement, perception, and equilibrium. Adding alcohol to their already affected state can be deadly to themselves and those around them.

Contacting a Boating Accidents Lawyer New York, NY Victims Depend On

If you or a family member has been injured by a boating under the influence accident, you should contact a boating accidents lawyer New York, NY locals recommend at, Oddo & Babat. Our professionals may be able to present a solid case against the boat operator responsible for your and your loved one’s accident, if they have done any of the aforementioned items.

Boating under the influence is a serious offense and those who have been a victim of this crime should be compensated for their pain and medical expenses. Call a boating accidents lawyer New York, NY provides at 212-642-0950 to evaluate your boating accident case today.

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