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Family Lawyer New York, NYA divorce or legal separation can be a difficult and emotional time for any family. It is also a time when you must make decisions that will have a profound impact on your future. Having an experienced divorce lawyer is critical to your success.

At , Oddo & Babat we have been serving clients’ family law needs for over 30 years. Our divorce lawyer has in-depth knowledge of New York law and statutes, as well as the experience to help you achieve the best possible results for your difficult situation.

Providing Divorce and Family Law Needs

Regardless of the complexity of your divorce, we can help. We have experience handling family issues ranging from complex marital dissolution proceedings and high-asset cases to contested child custody matters, including relocation.

Depending on your situation, your divorce may be an easily resolved, uncontested, simple divorce that requires only a settlement agreement. On the other hand, you may face a simple contested divorce or a highly complex contested divorce. When appropriate, our law firm tries to resolve things easily and affordable through negotiation. However, we are willing to take aggressive action in court when necessary.

From the initial filing to the final decree, we carefully guide our clients through all aspects of a divorce. In contested divorces, there may be many issues that must be resolved:

  • Separation Agreement.When a married couple separate, it is advisable to enter into a Separation Agreement. A separation agreement is a contract between the couple that can include spousal support, child custody, visitation rights, and a division of the property acquired during the marriage. The agreement can be enforced by the court if one spouse does not comply. If the spouses later divorce, it may be included in the divorce judgment.
  • Alimony. The end of a marriage often requires you to face factors that you have probably never considered before. What will you do to support yourself and your children? How do you divide assets and debts? How much alimony can you afford to pay? These aren’t decisions to be taken lightly. You should hire an experienced and compassionate lawyer to help you understand what impact these choices will have on your future.
  • Child Custody. Arranging for the care of minor children is an essential part of any successful divorce agreement. We strive to ensure that custodial parents have the financial means necessary to provide for medical care, education costs, and other expenses. We are also committed to helping parents develop custody and visitation agreements that give each parent as much time as possible with their child.
  • Paternity Dispute. Paternity is a legal action brought by a mother, naming the legal father of her child. It is sometimes the first step toward obtaining a child support order.
  • Child Support. When dealing with child support issues, it is important to think ahead. How will the decisions you make today affect your children far in the future? As your children grow older, their interests change and their financial needs tend to grow. As today’s day-care expenses become the costs of college tomorrow, it is important to work with an attorney who takes your child’s future into account.

Domestic Violence Cases

If domestic violence is involved, you may need immediate protection from law enforcement to ensure you and your children are safe. You may also need the legal assistance of a family lawyer in New York, NY from, Oddo & Babat. An attorney from our firm may work with you to arrange a legal separation or divorce as well as child custody or a restraining order, if necessary.

What is considered domestic violence?

If your domestic partner or spouse is abusive in any way toward you, this is considered domestic abuse or violence. A New York family lawyer from our firm may help protect your rights and pursue justice against your abuse. Some of the most common examples of domestic violence include:

  • Shoving
  • Hitting
  • Sexual assault
  • Intimidation
  • Emotional abuse
  • Stalking
  • Withholding money

Though you may not have experienced domestic violence prior to initiating divorce proceedings, it’s a sad fact that this can trigger violent behavior. A family lawyer New York, NY victims trust from, Oddo & Babat may be your legal rights advocate.

Temporary Restraining Order

In some cases, it’s necessary to obtain a protection from the abuser in the form of a temporary restraining order, sometimes known as a temporary protective order or injunction. This is a court order from a judge that demands an abuser stop targeting an individual, regardless of how they are harming the victim.

You do not have to have a domestic violence case in progress in order to receive the temporary restraining order. Simply being the victim of violence is reason enough. A family lawyer New York, NY residents turn to at, Oddo & Babat may apply for a temporary restraining order on your behalf. Typically, the process of serving a restraining order looks like this:

  1. A family lawyer New York, NY courts respect will submit a temporary restraining order application to a judge.
  2. The judge signs the temporary restraining order and the court notifies the abuser that he or she must not have contact with you or other family members, including the children. The order may extend to your workplace, home, vehicle, and possibly even your children’s schools. The specifics will depend entirely on the factors involved for your particular situation. A family lawyer New York, NY families rely on from, Oddo & Babat may work with you to determine what offers the best protection in your circumstances.
  3. If the abuser violates the restraining order, you can request the court or law enforcement to arrest the abuser.

At , Oddo & Babat, we may provide you with a family lawyer New York, NY relies on for quality representation.

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