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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New York, NY

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New York NYMotorcycle Accident Lawyer In New York NY

Contact the law firm of Oddo & Babat to meet with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer New York NY residents turn to for legal representation. Our attorneys handle cases for clients seriously injured in motorcycle accidents. We also represent families of loved ones involved in fatal injury crashes. If someone else is responsible for your injury or your beloved’s death, we want to help.

A dependable motorcycle accident lawyer in New York NY may offer legal counsel that protects your rights. Any damages you suffer as a result of someone’s negligence may be eligible for reimbursement. Oddo & Babat attorneys fight hard for our clients, and as a result, we have an excellent record of recovering maximum damages.

Understanding What Makes Motorcycle Accidents Unique

More than any other type of motorist, motorcyclists are at risk for injury or death in accidents. In 2015 alone, nearly 5,000 motorcyclists suffered fatalities in crashes. Around 88,000 motorcyclists were injured in the same year. Compared to drivers of other vehicle types, bikers are five times likelier to be injured and more than 26 times likelier to die in an accident. It’s important to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer New York NY bikers choose.

A motorcycle accident is different from a standard car accident in several ways. First, motorcyclists and their passengers are almost completely exposed to the elements; the vehicle itself provides virtually no protection from injury in the case of a collision. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents cause catastrophic injuries and fatalities, even when collisions occur at relatively low speeds.

Second, because a motorcycle has only two wheels and operates differently from an automobile, the physics of a motorcycle accident are different. An accident reconstruction expert with particular motorcycle accident experience may be required in order to determine the exact circumstances of the accident.

How a New York Motorcycle Accident Lawyer May Help You

Our lawyers at Oddo & Babat understand the challenges and rights of motorcyclists. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about the complexities and nuances of motor vehicle laws and how these laws pertain to bikers.

Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer New York NY provides before fragile evidence is destroyed. We work with highly respective forensic investigators who specialize in motorcycle accidents and proving liability. This can include interviewing witnesses, collecting physical evidence, and other crucial steps.

Recover Damages

A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer New York NY riders rely on for help may be able to determine an accurate damage assessment. In addition, an Oddo & Babat attorney may be aware of damages you’ve suffered that you didn’t realize were eligible for financial compensation.

No-Obligation Case Review

Our attorneys work with qualified experts to establish the causes and consequences of motorcycle accidents. We are also well aware that many people in our society are biased against motorcyclists and we are prepared to address this issue if your case needs to go to trial.

We offer motorcycle accident victims a free initial review of their case with one of our attorneys. During that review you may ask questions and receive an assessment of your case. This could be invaluable in helping you decide if you want to pursue an injury claim or lawsuit. Don’t delay in contacting us at Oddo & Babat to discuss your case with a proven motorcycle accident lawyer New York NY offers.

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