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Attorney for All Ridesharing Collisions

Posted on November 14th, 2018 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

Car Accident Lawyer

Technology advances has made a lot fo the things we do very easy. Ridesharing is perhaps an innovative tool that is one of the most popular and innovative ideas in app technology. The paps are user friendly, it makes getting to places easier and the payment method is reliable. As companies like Uber and Lyft grow the laws and regulations become muddy and in a very gray area. When it comes to collisions with an uber driver a lot of insurance companies aren’t providing the right compensations.  Victims of a collision should seek the help of an experience Uber accident attorney to ensure you are receiving what you deserve. Attorneys understand the maze of rules that involve collisions of this type. They can help to provide experienced counsel to meet your needs.

What you need to know

Ridesharing companies make a lot of money. Uber and Lyft are worth billions of dollars and this means that they have a lot more capital to buy liability. Uber drivers are usually covered by $1 million insurance coverage. If you compare that to a ordinary car who usually has around $15,000 in liability, it’s a big difference. This means that if you get in an accident with a ridesharing company, you could potentially obtain a complete and bigger compensation that fully cover all the costs of your accident. This is why it is important that you get the right representations, so you can get the full extent of all your compensation. An attorney can help you with several kinds of accidents, including the following:

  • A collision that resulted in a n injury where the ridesharing driver was at fault.
  • A collision that resulted in an injury where another driver was at fault.
  • A collision that resulted in an injury happened while you were in a ridesharing car.  

Specializing in Uber Accidents

Dealing with Uber or ridesharing accidents is as new as its technology. It calls for a special kind of skill and legal experience like a rideshare lawyer has. They have dealt with significant amount of cases involving all types of collision involving ridesharing cars. They want this to be a smooth process and focus on getting your life on track after your accident. They possess the resources and the experts to help guide you and get the best compensation.

An Uber accident attorney DC relies on has experience dealing with all types of cases. They understand the difficulty it is to deal with these cases and want to help. Start by scheduling a free consultation.



Thank you to our friends and contributors at Cohen & Cohen, for their insight into Uber or Lyft accident claims.

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