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Dangers of Defective Tires

Posted on November 30th, 2016 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

Defective tires are some of the most common causes of car accidents, which is why t is important to regularly check the condition and pressure of your car’s tires. This is an essential precautionary practice that may help you avoid accidents. Car tire manufacturers are required to ensure that they supply tire dealers with quality tires. This ensures that customers also get new tires that are free of defects. However, once a client purchases tires from a dealer, he or she is responsible for the maintenance of the tires in his car. Use tires that are in good condition to reduce the risk of accidents and damage to property.

Limitations of Defective Tires

Using quality tires on your car reduces the likelihood of accidents like rollovers and tire blowouts from occurring. Such accidents can cause serious injuries and even death, as a car accident lawyer residents trust. Check your tires regularly for signs of wear and tear. The more you use your tires, the more they wear out, which may cause the tire tread to separate, or its belt to peel off. Tires with such defects are likely to blow when in use, which may cause the car to roll over, or the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Some of the injuries that you may suffer as a result of a car accident include concussions, broken bones, internal bleeding, spinal injuries, paralysis, scrapes, and cuts, or brain injuries. Other causes of tire-related accidents include poorly manufactured tires, defective assembly, and improper installation.

Tire manufacturers are required to test their tires thoroughly before distributing them to the market, to ensure that the tires distributed to dealers are free of defects and therefore, roadworthy. Tire manufacturers are also expected to produce quality and durable tires. Although some car owners buy reconditioned tires, using this type of tire does not guarantee safety, because reconditioning only seals the existing weak points in a tire. Often, reconditioned tires wear out quickly and develop other problems after short periods of use. Many car safety experts discourage car owners from using reconditioned tires, because they are likely to become defective after short periods of use.

Avoid Cheap and Counterfeit Tires

Many vehicles come with inbuilt safety features to protect you from suffering serious injuries in case of an accident. Good tires are important safety features in any vehicle. However, unlike new cars, used cars often come with used tires. Before you buy a used car, consider taking it for a tire inspection to determine if they are defective. Alternatively, replace the old tires with new ones to eliminate the possibility of driving on defective tires.

Buying new tires does not guarantee safety, because of the proliferation of fake products on the market, including tires. Buy tires from tire manufacturers with a reputation for quality and durability. Stick to the brands you know, and do not be overly concerned about price because cheap is not often effective. When it comes to your safety, do not skimp on expenditure.

Defective tires can cause serious accidents, which may cause injuries and damage to property. It is important to purchase quality tires and replace your tires before they wear out completely. Avoid buying cheap counterfeit tires or refurbished tires as they can easily become defective.

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