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Different Ways To Get Your Case Dismissed

Posted on July 14th, 2020 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

Criminal Lawyer

When you have a criminal record, it is not unreasonable to want the charges to be dropped or removed from your record. There are different options to have your case dismissed and any pending charges against you to be dropped. In most cases, it is best to speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney should you have any charges pending or filed against you. Speaking with a knowledgeable defense attorney will give you insight to what your legal options are. When you hire a skilled criminal defense, you increase the chances of certain things being done to potentially have your case dismissed entirely. Here are a few things that an attorney may be able to do for you:

An attorney may be able to have evidence against you suppressed. Every arrest is not done legally, there are times when an officer may not have conducted the arrest properly. An attorney may file for evidence to be suppressed if there was any misconduct or any other issues. In court, the attorney is responsible for ensuring that the request is valid. If he judge honors this request, none of the evidence obtained during misconduct or that does not meet legal standards will not be used as evidence by the prosecution. This evidence can vary from contraband that was found to even a witness statement. Depending on the evidence, and if the evidence is suppressed it makes it difficult for the prosecution to pursue charges against you and will lead a dismissal. 

What may be the luckiest of situations is the prosecution, after so much research and discovery, realizing that their case is simply not strong enough to bring to court in front of a judge. Maybe too much investigative work has gone into the case, not enough valuable evidence was discovered, they discover the evidence they had is no longer substantial, or even learning new information that changes the case entirely. Either way, there are times where prosecution dismisses the case based on evidentiary evidence alone and this is a way to have your case dismissed.

The first one that may come to mind, is having your attorney negotiate a plea deal. This deal may include pleading guilty to a lesser charge and having the more serious offense dismissed. Sometimes when the prosecution is able to get “anything” they are satisfied.

There could be several other options that an attorney is able to inform you of. Should you or your loved be facing criminal charges and wish to have them dismissed somehow, contact a criminal defense attorney, such as from The Lynch Law Group, as soon as possible.


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