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Elevator Accident Lawyer New York

Elevator Accident Lawyer New York, NY

Many New Yorkers use elevators multiple times each and every day. It is easy to take the safety of elevators for granted. However, elevator accidents do happen with surprising frequency. If you have recently been harmed as a result of an elevator accident, please know that you do not need to navigate the legal side of this reality alone. Once you schedule a consultation with a New York, NY elevator accident lawyer, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether to file a personal injury claim related to your case.

Common Causes of Elevator Accidents

Because most Americans have never been directly involved in an elevator accident, it is unsurprising that many people are unaware of what causes these incidents. When victims of elevator accidents seek justice with the assistance of a New York, NY elevator accident lawyer, they must prove that the harm they suffered resulted from someone else’s negligence. Oftentimes, building managers/owners and elevator manufacturers are to blame in such situations.

Malfunctioning Doors

As a New York, NY elevator accident lawyer can attest, one of the most common ways people get hurt in elevators involves getting struck in a closing elevator door. If an elevator’s protective devices, like the safety edges or electric eyes, have malfunctioned, the door may be at risk of hitting and injuring passengers. Elevator doors that are improperly adjusted can smash passengers’ fingers and hands by closing too quickly.

Falls into Shaftways

Passengers may be in danger of falling into elevator shaftways if they are compelled to open the shaftway door, the interlocks on the door are defective or passengers must exit the elevator more than three feet from a landing. These types of elevator accidents generally result in the most severe injuries. When evaluating a claim, insurance companies carefully look at whether or not any given accident occurred due to a mechanical malfunction or the actions of a passenger. As a result, it is important to have a New York, NY elevator accident lawyer carefully examine your claim for support before it is submitted.


Mis-leveling occurs when an elevator doesn’t come to a stop that is level with the hallway floor. These types of accidents most commonly occur in brake-controlled elevators in buildings built between 1930 and 1960.

Excessive Speed

Elevators are supposed to operate at a moderate speed so that passengers don’t get hurt. However, if the counterweights malfunction or the control systems don’t detect excessive speeds, an elevator can go too fast and throw passengers to the floor. Passengers in these types of accidents can endure serious injuries to the ankles, knees or spine.

Faulty Wiring

If a technician didn’t properly wire an elevator, accidents can happen. Passengers can suffer electrical shock, which can lead to a loss of consciousness, headaches and other complications.

Poor Maintenance

Just like many other systems, elevators have to be maintained on a regular basis. A qualified elevator technician must check the elevator for defects and repair them before they cause issues. Inadequate maintenance can lead to otherwise preventable accidents.

Contacting an Elevator Accident Lawyer

If you have recently been harmed in an elevator accident, you may be entitled to compensation for numerous challenges you have faced as a result of that accident. Please consider scheduling a free consultation with a New York, NY elevator accident lawyer in order to clarify your options.

The lawyers at , Oddo & Babat are here to help you. We understand that dealing with elevator injuries can negatively affect your entire life. We will help you gather the proper evidence, identify key witnesses and negotiate with insurance companies. With a confident New York, NY elevator accident lawyer on your side, you will be able to approach your case with greater confidence and a strong sense of support.

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