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Elevator Accidents Lawyer

Elevator Accidents Lawyer

elevator accidents lawyer When you or a loved one has been injured in an elevator, you should consult an elevator accidents lawyer to explore your legal options. For a consultation now, please call Oddo & Babat.

Elevator accidents can be catastrophic for anyone who was aboard the elevator or for workers who were doing maintenance at the time of the accident. Although you might not hear about these incidents on the media, elevator accidents are more common than you might think. Most of these accidents are the result of a failure to maintain the elevator, an elevator defect, or problem in the construction of the machine. Whenever an elevator accident happens, it is essential to identify fault. Once this is done, the victims may be able to pursue compensation. In general, elevator accidents may involve multiple negligent parties. Before you make any decisions about pursuing compensation, you should find out what an elevator accidents lawyer has to say.

Investigating Elevator Accidents

Investigating an elevator accident is typically rife with challenges. A lawyer will need to look into the owner or occupant of the building, the manufacturer of the elevator, the maintenance company, maintenance logs, whether there were complaints made in regards to the elevator, and more. The investigation might also include locating witnesses, getting advice and opinions from expert witnesses, and recreating the scene. Once this is complete, a claim for compensation may ensue. Please give us a call as quickly as possible so you can begin to get the money you need for medical care and other losses.

Determining Liability in an Elevator Accident

If the elevator accident occurred because of a defect, the manufacturer may be liable. In this case, an elevator accidents lawyer would like file a product liability claim. This type of case is still under personal injury law; however, you may not need to prove negligence if it can be shown, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the elevator was defective. This is one of the most common reasons for elevator accidents to occur. In addition to the manufacturer, the following parties could be held liable:

  • The owner of the building
  • Mechanics or maintenance professionals of the elevator
  • The manufacturer of an elevator part
  • The company who installed the elevator

Injured Elevator Workers

If you were a worker who was hurt while maintaining an elevator, you will likely be able to apply for workers compensation. Furthermore, if you can show a third party (not your employer) was liable for your injury, an elevator accidents lawyer might suggest that you file a personal injury claim as well.

Get Help from a Lawyer for Elevator Accidents

Whether your case is settled out of court or through a trial by jury, having a knowledgeable elevator accidents lawyer on your side can make a big difference in the outcome of your case., Oddo & Babat, offers personalized legal representation for victims and their loved ones who may have been injured in an elevator accident. Having recovered millions of dollars for clients, we have a strong track record. Rest assured, you can count on us to fight for your rights and every penny you deserve. For a consultation with an elevator accidents lawyer, call Oddo & Babat.

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