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Jaywalking Accident Lawyer New York

Jaywalking Accident Lawyer – New York Jaywalking Accident Lawyer - New York

New Yorkers traveling on foot don’t always realize just how much their safety is in jeopardy simply because they are pedestrians. The New York jaywalking accident lawyer team at , Oddo & Babat, has represented many victims of pedestrian accidents, and as a result, our firm has seen the true devastation that can be caused by pedestrian accidents. Car drivers may zip around corners and not see pedestrians walking in the crosswalk, or they may violate other rules of the road and ultimately cause a terrible incident to unfold. Even when pedestrians don’t cross at a crosswalk, it is almost always motorist behavior – not pedestrian behavior – that causes injurious pedestrian accidents. 

The Statistics

Driving in New York requires a certain level of care because there is such a condensed population in the city that there are pedestrians, cyclists, scooter operators and bystanders on every road. When vulnerable travelers are present is when operating a vehicle with care is at its most important, as there are so many moving parts when traveling on a crowded roadway. Unfortunately, pedestrians aren’t always paid attention to by motorists and are forced to suffer the consequences of negligent driving behavior.

Most pedestrian fatalities occur between 6:00-9:00pm, when visibility is poor. More than five thousand pedestrians per year are killed in traffic crashes in the United States. Those who do survive tend to endure injuries that are not only painful, but can impact them for the rest of their lives. As a result, it is important to speak with an experienced New York, NY pedestrian accident lawyer in the wake of an accident. No amount of compensation can make up for the challenges caused by an accident – but it can help to ensure that accident victims can pay for their medical care and lost wages in the wake of a collision. 

Types of Pedestrians

“Pedestrians” is a category of individuals that includes people that travel on foot, but there are others who are categorized under this description as well. In the context of personal injury accident law, pedestrians are people who are not riding in a motor vehicle or bicycle when an incident occurs. For instance, you are considered a pedestrian if you were hurt while:

  • Riding in your wheelchair
  • Cleaning your windshield
  • Riding a skateboard, rollerblades, scooter, etc. 
  • Changing a tire on the side of the road

The At-Fault Driver

Proving who was at-fault for the accident can be difficult in a jaywalking accident, as pedestrians are technically supposed to cross the street at approved crossing zones. As a result, it can be beneficial to speak with a New York jaywalking accident lawyer if you are interested in pursuing an insurance claim or filing a civil lawsuit. Vehicle drivers are obligated to use reasonable care when operating their cars. Any driver that was negligent or intentionally reckless may likely be held liable for pedestrian injuries, even if the pedestrian contributed to the accident in a minor way by jaywalking. Examples of ways that a driver may be negligent include:

  • Failing to signal at a turn
  • Disregarding hazardous road conditions or warning signs
  • Being distracted by a cell phone or passenger
  • Not seeing a crosswalk up ahead in enough time to properly stop
  • Speeding in excess 

If you have been injured by a car driver who wasn’t being responsible, please contact a New York jaywalking accident lawyer today for legal guidance and support. Just because you didn’t cross at the corner doesn’t mean you deserve what happened to you and we can help you seek justice. 

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