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Meeting with an Attorney About Workers’ Compensation Claim

Posted on February 14th, 2019 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

Workers Compensation Lawyer

A pivotal step in seeing that your workers’ compensation claim is being handled appropriately, is to consult with an attorney for protection. Being injured on the job can cause the employee physical harm and financial loss. By meeting with an attorney, it can provide the injured employee with an understanding of what to expect as their claim is being processed.

The First Meeting

When first meeting with a workers’ compensation attorney, bring as much information as you can about how the workplace accident occurred and the resulting injuries. This could be things like a copy of the incident report, photographs, medical exams, and witness statements from coworkers who saw what happened. By providing these documents, it can help your attorney protect you from mistreatment from your employer or the company’s insurance agency. Consider obtaining the following documents before the initial consultation:

  • Summary of the workplace incident, including date and time
  • Records that are proof of your employment and list information like position, job duties, and date of hire
  • Name and contact of the supervisor or person who receive notice of the accident, and the date he or she was informed
  • Name and contact of the medical facility treating your injuries
  • Name and contact of the treating physician
  • Date of when medical care was sought and exam medical records
  • Receipts for medical bills accumulated due to treatments
  • Photographs of the injury and how it has progressed overtime
  • Emails, letters, or other forms of communication between you and your employer regarding the accident

Topics During the Consultation

An attorney is likely to go over with you plenty of information about workers’ compensation programs and your rights. The initial consult can help clarify any concerns or questions the employee may have during this time. Topics that may be covered during the appointment can include:

  • Benefits you may be able to collect upon claim approval
  • The starting date for when you are able to begin receiving these benefits
  • Whether you can continue to get workers’ comp benefits once returning back to work
  • Whether you must be treated by the work-assigned doctor, or your own physician
  • How long you must be out of work before collecting on lost wages is an option
  • The timeline that you must report the injury accident to your employer
  • Whether your employer may be committing illegal retaliation against you for using workers’ compensation benefits

Please reach out to a workers compensation lawyer Wytheville, VA relies on today, to talk more about your situation and how we can be of assistance. They understand that the accident could have been a direct result of employer negligence, in which safety protocols were not enforced or a workplace hazard went unaddressed. It is important that you let us know if this is could be a factor in your injury accident. They are ready to get started protecting you, as you focus on healing from the workplace injury.

Thank you to our friends and contributors at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into workers compensation and meeting with an attorney.

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