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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New York, NY If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you should seek help from a motorcycle accident lawyer New York, NY trusts from, Oddo & Babat, According to national statistics, there are almost 5,000 victims killed each year in motorcycle crashes. Another 88,000 victims suffer serious injuries. Both surviving victims and the families of victims who are killed can pursue damages against those that were responsible for the crash.

Many of the injuries motorcyclists suffer require long-term medical care and recovery. Many victims are often left with permanent disabilities that require a lifetime of medical care and often cause ongoing medical complications. The most common motorcycle injuries a New York, NY motorcycle accident lawyer sees include the following:

Injuries to the Lower Extremities

The most common crash injuries that motorcyclists suffer are those to the ankles, feet, and legs. There are often fractured bones, lacerations, cuts, and scrapes. It is also not uncommon for victims to suffer amputations of a lower extremity. Although most of these injuries are non-fatal, victims are often left with a disability. Sometimes the disability is a short-term one, however, many of the clients we’ve represented end up with long-term or permanent disabilities that cause them to suffer serious financial damages, along with their physical ones.

Injuries to Upper Extremities

Coming in as the second most common injuries motorcyclists sustain in crashes are those that affect the arms, hands, and wrists. Just like the lower extremities, common injuries are amputation, fractured bones, and other serious injuries that can leave the victim with permanent disabilities that can prohibit the victim’s ability to work.

Brain and Head Injuries

The third most common type of injury sustained in a motorcycle crash are brain and head injuries. Tragically, these types of injuries can be fatal ones. Those victims that do survive, are often left with permanent catastrophic injuries, including brain damage or comatose. It is this high risk of head injury that safety advocates urge all motorcycle riders to wear their helmet, even in states where it is not a requirement. Even with a helmet, however, a New York, NY motorcycle accident lawyer knows there is still a high risk of brain or head injury in the event of an accident.

Thoracic Injuries

Some of the most severe and deadliest injuries riders can suffer in a crash are to the abdomen, head, and the thoracic area of the body. Internal bleeding, fractured ribs, ruptured organs, pelvic fracture, and injuries to the spine are some of the more frequent injuries that occur to motorcycle accident victims. These injuries can quickly become fatal ones and instead of a motorcycle accident case, it becomes a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the victim’s family against the negligent driver who caused the crash.

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If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, or you have tragically lost a loved one because of the negligence of another party, contact us today to find out what legal recourse you and your family as for financial justice. Call our office today to meet with a seasoned New York, NY motorcycle accident lawyer from, Oddo & Babat, for a case evaluation.

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