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MVA Lawyer New York, NY

MVA Lawyer – New York, NY

MVA Lawyer - New York, NYNational statistics reveal that the average driver will be involved at least one car accident every 20 years. The odds of being involved in a crash increases when a driver habitually engages in bad driving behaviors such as driving while fatigued, driving when drinking, driving and talking on the phone or texting, etc. Car accident risks also increase if the driver is a teenager.

Even if you are a safe driver, there are far too many drivers on the roads who do not practice safe driving habits. The following are several tips that you should follow in the event you are involved in an accident. Keeping these basics in mind can help you significantly in the disorienting moments following a collision. Alternatively, if you have already become the victim of a recent crash, please contact an experienced New York, NY car accident lawyer at , Oddo & Babat, to find out how our legal team can support you at this time. 

Gather Your Thoughts 

Being in a crash can be stressful and overwhelming, but it is important to stay aware of your environment and everything that is going on around you after the accident. If you think you have suffered an injury, stay in your vehicle until emergency responders arrive. There are situations where it is not safe to remain in your vehicle, such as if there is smoke coming from the engine. If you do need to exit your vehicle, do so as carefully as possible. If you are able, call 911 and request police and emergency services come to the scene. When they do arrive, make sure to supply police with all the details of what happened. With that said, if you’re uncomfortable speaking with law enforcement without an advocate present, please call an experienced New York, NY MVA lawyer to meet you at the scene before you speak with anyone other than medical professionals. 

Check on the Condition of the Other Driver and Passengers 

Regardless of who caused the crash, it is important to check on the condition of any passengers and the driver of the other vehicle, if you can. If you’re injured, stay put. But if you can move safely and you can help others involved in the crash, that’s ideal. If anyone is seriously injured, make sure to inform the emergency responders when they arrive. Everyone should move to a safe place if they are able.

 Stay on the Scene 

The law requires that anyone involved in a crash need to remain on the scene until police arrive. Accident scenes can be confusing for everyone, even other motorists who are passing by after the crash. This is why all vehicles involved should put their hazard lights on if they are not broken from the crash. If available, flares can also be put down to alert other drivers they are approaching a crash scene. If you’re panicking, know that your primal “fight or flight” response is kicking in. Instead of fleeing the scene, contact a New York, NY MVA lawyer from our office to come help you. 

Also, it can be very upsetting to be in a crash, especially when it is caused by a driver who was behaving negligently or recklessly. Maybe your children were in the vehicle and the thought that they could be injured can make any parent angry. But no matter how you are feeling about the at-fault driver, it is important to try to remain calm until police arrive. If you are starting to become emotional, don’t take it out on anyone else. Contact a New York, NY MVA lawyer so we can preserve your legal options. That way, you’ll better ensure justice is served in the end. 


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