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Pedestrian Accident Lawyers New York, NY

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers New York, NY

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers New York, NYWhen you are a pedestrian who has been in an accident with a car, you need the help of the pedestrian accident lawyers New York, NY trusts from, Oddo & Babat. Unfortunately, cars hitting pedestrians are not uncommon occurrences, and if a car hits a pedestrian traveling at over 30 mph it could result in some serious pedestrian injuries that may end up as fatalities. That said, speeds lower than 30 mph can still severely injure pedestrians and should be taken seriously. Below, we discuss what you can do immediately following an accident if you are a pedestrian who has been hit by a car. Do not hesitate to call the pedestrian accident lawyers New York, New York residents trust. We care about getting you the compensation you deserve after a traumatic accident like this.

First Things First

When you are injured in a car-pedestrian accident, a pedestrian accident lawyer New York, NY trusts knows there are usually a few things that you should do immediately following the accident.

  1. Get to Safety. If you can move safely, you should get to a safe area as soon as possible. If you were injured in the road, it is possible that another car may not see you and hit you again causing more severe accidents. Move to a sidewalk or safe place. If you are unable to move, call 9-1-1.
  2. Seek Medical Help. Getting injured by a car can do more damage than you initially know. Even if you can walk after the accident or think you may have only suffered from bruising, get to a medical professional as soon as possible. Adrenaline can mask more severe pain and there are certain injuries you may not notice right away, like a concussion or internal bleeding. Your doctor can document your injuries and the course of treatment they provide which can help you with your recovery and your claim.
  3. Exchange Information With the Driver. You should know the balance of providing too little and too much information. Do not tell them you’re feeling fine after the accident and try not to remark on your injuries. Instead (if you’re able), exchange your names, your phone numbers, and your insurance information. You may even be tempted to take part of the guilt for the accident, but avoid doing this even if the driver attempts to place blame.
  4. Get Legal Help. Finally, one of the best things you can do for your case is to contact our New York pedestrian accident lawyers. We can work with you to gather the evidence you need for your claim and walk you through the paperwork.

How can pedestrian accident lawyers New York, NY residents rely on help you?

Being the pedestrian in a car-pedestrian accident can be terrifying, especially when you have suffered extreme injuries. To get the legal help you need after an accident, contact the pedestrian accident lawyers in New York, NY from , Oddo & Babat now.


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