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Plan On Doing Immediately Following a Car Accident

Posted on April 1st, 2020 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

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A car accident was not something you had on your to-do list, but it can happen. A collision can significantly alter the course of your day and, in some instances, your life. Knowing what to do after a crash can make or break your chances of recovering damages from the at-fault driver. Take a look at these four things you should plan on doing immediately following a traffic accident.

  1. Call for Help

Your first step should be to call 911. Alerting the authorities in this way can help tremendously if any of the occupants are injured. Car accident injuries can be some of the most severe, and in some cases, time is of the essence. Calling for help alerts first responders that there is an issue that needs assistance.

  1. Swap Personal Information

While waiting for the police, you may be able to speak to the driver and occupants of the other vehicle. Your insurance company will need the other driver’s personal information, such as their license, insurance company, and policy number. Depending on the laws where you live, an investigation may be launched as to who is responsible for the crash. A finding of fault is integral in recovering damages in tort states. In other no-fault states, the exchange of information is still essential, even though there is not an initial determination of which driver caused the accident.

  1. Make a Record of the Scene

Part of the insurance company’s investigation will hinge on the events of the crash. Since drivers and witnesses all see things differently, it may become confusing to adjusters conducting the investigation. Having evidence to give them can help, which is where photographs and videos prove helpful. Take as many photos of the scene and the vehicles as possible. Capture the intersection where the crash happened and how the cars look in their original positions. The more insight you can provide, the quicker an investigation may go.

  1. Get Medical Attention

You may not feel pain immediately following a crash, and therefore, you may choose to forego a medical exam. Some car accident injuries are not apparent at first, and so not getting checked out may lead to some serious repercussions down the road. Even if the collision was minor, always get checked by a medical professional immediately afterward. This can help diagnose problems and get you on the path to recovery more quickly.




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