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Public Transportation Accident Lawyer

Public Transportation Accident LawyerPublic Transportation Accident Lawyer


You may never have anticipated needing to hire a public transportation accident lawyer in New York, and yet, here you are. The reality is that public transportation accidents in Manhattan and surrounding areas in New York are quite common. Not only is this true for passengers, it is also true for those who work in the public transportation sector. Many residents and visitors to New York rely on public transportation on a daily or a regular basis. When their method of travel in New York fails in such a way that they suffer a serious injury, it becomes necessary to find a public transportation accident lawyer.


, Oddo & Babat, represents individuals who sustained significant injuries through no fault of their own and because of negligence or carelessness on the part of others, including those responsible for providing public transportation. We welcome phone calls to our New York office from victims seeking representation; our public transportation accident lawyer provides a free one-time consultation during which time you can learn more about your legal options.


The New York City Public Transportation Network


The New York City Transit Authority is the biggest public transportation agency in the United States. They operate and oversee about 6,000 buses and more than 6,000 subway cars. In addition, they fall under the purview of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) which also runs the Long Island Railroad, MTA Bus system, Long Island Bus system, various tunnels and bridges, and other transit operations. In addition, the following public transportation systems are also popular:


  •         Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. This agency is in charge of the states’ busy airports, ports, and marine terminals.
  •         Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal.
  •         Many tunnels and bridges, and the rail transit system.
  •         Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.
  •         Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority.
  •         Metro-North Railroad.


The Potential Dangers of Public Transportation in New York


When living in Manhattan and many of the surrounding areas, it’s difficult to avoid using public transportation. After all, free parking is difficult to find, and paid parking is expensive. Insurance is costly. Tolls add up quickly. There are many reasons why residents take trains and buses. The downside, and it’s significant, is that as a passenger you don’t have control of that vehicle. You are at the mercy of the driver or conductor, and you are powerless when it comes to preserving your safety. Even if you are in your own vehicle, you can’t control the actions of a bus driver.

Defensive driving cannot always prevent being the victim of an accident. That’s when a public transportation accident lawyer in New York can be invaluable. At, Oddo & Babat, we can help you get the compensation you deserve from the appropriate agency responsible for the mode of transportation that led to your injury. Whether the accident involved a bus, train, or a transportation-related structure such as a bridge, call us and learn how we can help you.


Call, Oddo & Babat, to schedule a free consultation with our public transportation accident lawyer in New York.


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