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Uncontested Divorce Lawyer New York, NY

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer New York, NY

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer New York, NYWhether your parenting plan is mandated in a New York family court or is a guideline for you and your child’s other parent to use more informally, it is important to follow regardless. By following a well-crafted parenting plan, you can avoid confusion, conflict, and accidents down the road, and help to establish or maintain a positive working relationship with the other guardian. The following is a brief overview. If you are considering a divorce, contact an uncontested divorce lawyer New York, NY families trust to find out how we can help.

Living Arrangement

There are many types of living arrangements to choose from if both parents are willing to share their time equally and are open to joint custody. The child may live with one parent on the weekdays and the other on the weekends. Or they may live with one parent full time and only spend visitation time with the other parent. While not as common, some parents decide to keep the child at one home while they take turns moving in and out, spending living in another home when they are not with the child. This is termed “bird nest custody.”

Financial Expenses

As a divorce lawyer New York, NY clients recommend can attest, financial issues are one of the most common causes of strife in marriages. In one major study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, financial problems comprised the fifth leading cause of divorce. As such, it is of course one of the main topics of conflict after the dissolution of the relationship. A good parenting plan lays out what each parent is responsible for, how large expenses should be dealt with, as well as smaller everyday expenses such as food, toys, and clothing.

Everyday Schedule

While the weekly routine may be decided at the start or end of each week via email exchange, over the phone, or in person, constant communication and the ability to change plans and adapt when it becomes necessary is crucial for the day to day schedule. For very young children, and babies, in particular, is vital that each parent spends as much time with their child as possible. Infancy is the most important time for bonding, trust, and relationship building. As the child grows older, it is not as critical for each parent to spend equal time on an everyday basis with the child.

Planning for Unexpected Events, Vacations, and Summer When School Is Out

It is important to take unexpected events into consideration, such as illness, unforeseen family events, and life or work conflicts that arise. Additionally, make sure to plan for summer vacation when school is out, as well as longer vacations with the child. Compromising is especially essential around traditional holidays when the other parent wants to spend time with the child, as well as having the child spend time with their side of the family.

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