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What If An Uber Driver Hit Me?

Posted on March 11th, 2020 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Uber drivers are not immune to being involved in collisions and in fact, they are sometimes the cause of accidents involving other vehicles as well as pedestrians. When vehicles come into contact with people who are not surrounded by metal and airbags, it rarely ends well for the pedestrian. Severe or fatal injuries may result. If the victim is lucky enough to survive the accident, they may face a lifetime of pain, suffering, and permanent injuries. The costs for medical treatment may run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they may never be able to work again. These damages may be covered by the driver’s insurance coverage under Uber, but the company will likely put up a hard fight to deny a costly injury claim. Any persons who were injured by a negligent Uber driver should seriously consider turning to a knowledgeable Uber injury accident lawyer for sage legal guidance.

Do Uber drivers carry enough insurance for injury accidents?

If an Uber driver was in the process of transporting a passenger when the accident occurred, they are covered by the ridesharing company’s insurance carrier for up to $1 million. That said, it is rarely a straightforward process to file a costly injury claim with Uber and receive a full settlement and in a timely manner. As with nearly any other insurance agency, their carrier will go to great lengths to pay less than the victim’s full amount of damages and may even drag out the process of issuing a check. This is why so many injury victims turn to an injury accident lawyer who focuses on cases involving Uber drivers. Without legal representation, those victims are more likely to be victimized again by Uber with a claim denial or an outrageously low settlement offer. Lawyers understand what victims go through as we have seen it time and time again. An Uber injury accident lawyer provides clients with compassionate legal representation while at the same time is aggressive in their pursuit of justice on their behalf.

When Uber drivers are not transporting a rider, in most cases their personal insurance covers damages to losses to those harmed by the driver’s negligence. However, their personal insurance may not be sufficient if the victim’s injuries are severe, or if they succumbed to their injury and have left grieving dependents behind. With the help of an experienced Uber injury accident lawyer, there may be additional avenues to pursue. This is particularly the case if the driver has valuable assets such as a home.



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