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What is a Motorcycle Injury Attorney?

Posted on February 25th, 2020 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash, contact a motorcycle lawyer with experience and in-depth knowledge. A motorcycle accident lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, knows that a motorcycle accident is often more hazardous than a car accident. 

When motorcycles collide with passenger vehicles or trucks, it often results in the motorcycle rider getting the worst of it. Indeed, such crashes can involve severe injuries and have devastating results. Negligent automobile or truck operators are most often the cause of motorcycle accidents. Some have little regard or respect for motorcycles, while others may misjudge or have difficulty seeing the bike.

What are your rights as a motorcyclist?

Victims of motorcycle accidents have the same rights as any other personal injury victim. Motorcycles accidents are covered by insurance companies and entitled to the same rights as everyone else who operates a vehicle on the road. However, motorcycle crashes often differ from other motor vehicle accidents in that they can cause substantial injuries to the motorcycle rider. 

These injuries may make a motorcycle accident case more complicated than a crash that only involves cars. Significant injuries frequently occur in motorcycle crashes, because motorcycle riders don’t have the protection of a steel cage around them when a collision happens. The openness and freedom that motorcycle riders so enjoy is the same reason they may sustain more severe or life-threatening harm. Even a seemingly minor accident could leave the motorcycle rider in a world of hurt.

What complications exist in motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accident claims are often compounded by the challenge of reconstructing the crash scene. Motorcycle accidents can be more challenging to reconstruct because motorcycles are much lighter than a passenger vehicle and may be thrown a long distance from the exact spot of the impact. That may lead to many questions about how the accident unfolded. 

Furthermore, judges, juries, and insurance companies may carry a bias against motorcyclists, making motorcycle crash claims more challenging. Some insurance companies may base their assessment of the accident on unfair stereotypes about motorcycle riders, shifting the blame to the rider. Your motorcycle accident attorney must be prepared to deal with this and not let it affect your case.

Hazardous road conditions may factor into a motorcycle accident. If the road is full of potholes, sinkholes, rough patches, poor lighting, has a cracked or broken surface, is made of gravel, or hasn’t otherwise been adequately maintained by a city, state, or county, these entities may be held liable for the accident. Roads may also have fallen trees, debris, oil spills, or other kinds of spills that can contribute to an accident. Again, the entity responsible for clearing and cleaning these up could be held accountable for a crash.

Choose an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer 

As you can see, numerous things come into play in motorcycle accident cases. A skilled attorney will have handled many of these and obtained financial compensation for injured riders. Knowing how to work with the legal system and the insurance companies can help to maximize the chances for a favorable result. For more information or to get started with your case, reach out to schedule a consultation today.

Thanks to Patterson Bray for their insight into how a motorcycle injury attorney can help you with your accident case. 

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