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Why Is Hiring an Attorney So Important?

Posted on December 13th, 2019 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

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Most people never expect to be involved in a personal injury lawsuit. This results in many people having a lot of questions, such as, “Is my case big enough for a lawyer to handle?” It is actually quite important for you to have an attorney representing you regardless of how big your case is. This guide will explain why this is the case and everything you need to know about hiring an attorney.

Is Your Case Big Enough?

There is no such thing as a case that is too small for a lawyer to handle. If you are planning on filing a lawsuit or have had a lawsuit filed against you, you need to hire an attorney immediately. Theoretically, your case could be big enough that multiple lawyers would need to work together on it, but no case is too small for hiring an attorney to be worthwhile. The only time it may be okay to represent yourself is if you are contesting a traffic ticket. Personal injury cases are much more serious, so you should never try to represent yourself.

Why Is Hiring an Attorney So Important?

Why is it so important to have an attorney who can represent you? Many people underestimate just how complicated a court case is. To understand what is going on and make appropriate decisions, it usually takes years of intensive study and training. More than simply understanding the legal process that takes place in a courtroom, however, you need the knowledge to make the right appeals at the right times and submit arguments in the proper way. If you do not do everything correctly, the court will not be able to accept your arguments. An incorrectly presented argument is no different from not submitting an argument at all.

Additionally, it is extremely hard to represent yourself without bias even if you did have legal training. Most attorneys will still choose to hire a lawyer rather than represent themselves for exactly this reason. It is simply a very difficult challenge to present an argument without bias when you are the defendant or plaintiff.

Hiring an Attorney

The main reason people consider representing themselves is that they do not think they can afford an attorney. There are usually many different types of legal aid options available to make the cost more manageable. Additionally, if you are the plaintiff in your case, you likely can pay your attorney once you have won the case and received a settlement. Hiring an attorney, should always be the first step you take.

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