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Do not talk to the police! And of course you can’t search me!

Posted on November 27th, 2017 by Oddo & Babat, P.C.

If the police ask to speak to you about a criminal case, you should politely decline. They are just trying to get information out of you and might make you accidentally incriminate yourself.

Here are several reasons why you should avoid talking to the police:

Reason 1:

You cant talk your way out of it!

No matter how hard you try, you probably won’t be able to talk the police out of anything. If they want to speak to you, it’s likely that they suspect your involvement in something. Police are trained on how to interrogate and get information out people. If they truly think you are involved in a criminal act, they will not stop questioning you.

The only way to avoid incriminating yourself is to stop talking and request to speak to a lawyer.

Reason 2:

Even if you are innocent, you could tell a small lie that hurts you later

If you know you didn’t commit a crime, you might think it’s perfectly okay to talk to the police. However, you might accidentally tell a small lie that could hurt your credibility. For example, if you tell the police that you don’t know the person involved in the crime and they show photos of you with that person, they will know that you lied and won’t trust you.

Reason 3:

Even if you are guilty, there is no deal on the table.

Unfortunately, the police are allowed to lie when questioning people. They may tell you that they have video of you doing something illegal when they actually don’t. If these lies cause you to confess, it will count against you.

The police may also tell you that they will go easier on you if you confess to a crime. However, police don’t have the power to cut deals. Only the prosecutor can do that. This means you have nothing to gain by talking to the police.

Reason 4:

The police may not accurately recall your statement.

Believe it or not,  not all statements to the police are recorded. That means the police may not remember what you actually told them and not recall your statement accurately. The police may also twist your words in court. That’s why it is best to stay silent.

Reason 5:

If you really want to talk, there is a time and a place.

Even if you are guilty, you shouldn’t talk to the police the day you are arrested. You should first speak to a lawyer and see if he or she can make a plea deal for you. If you were never in trouble with the law before, for example, an experienced lawyer such as the Criminal Defense Lawyer DC locals turn tomay be able to get you a lighter sentence.

No matter, don’t agree to speak to the police. There is nothing to gain from it. Exercise your right to remain silent.

A special thanks to our authors at Brynn Law for their insight into Criminal Defense Law.

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